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About us

We welcome fabric’s producers to cooperation!

The company Conkorde is the biggest supplier of fabrics of Italy, France, Portugal.

Conkorde is official agent-representative of such well-known textile factories of Europe as LISA SpA, MTT, Riopele, Inwool Jersey, Francheschini.

On the Russian market Conkorde is known as a reliable supplier and partner. Our partners in Russia — the famous producers of clothes- Jessika, Kira Plastinina, RusModa, M-Reason, Gatinoni, Craft,  Meldes and others.

Conkorde trends:

  • Representing (agent-representative) the biggest European textile factories: fabrics delivery made to order using producers price (work with samples, delivery service to customers warehouse in Russia)
  • Conkorde offers big and small wholesales for modelers, tailors, fashion ateliers, boutiques, tailors, fashion ateliers, boutiques, stores and regional representations of clothes design. 100 000 m of different fabrics are available in our warehouse.


Lisa SpA (Italy) — silk, cotton and silk, knitted fabrics, dress — blouse fabrics — from 4.5 — 12.0 euros. The largest company in Europe, which produces fabric with a print based on silk, knitwear, cotton and polyester fabrics. For the production of at least 400 m

Wool Street srl.(Italy) — Coat fabric, velor between 4.9 — 10.0 euros (stock and custom).

LE.MA.TEX srl. — Alfa-Fi (Italy) — a group of companies manufacturing Suit, Coat, shirt fabrics — from 4.2 — 12.0 Euro

NYTRO SRL (Italy) — coat, suit fabrics (alpaca, cashmere, baby Suri), velor — 13 — 35 euros

MTT SpA (Italy) – suit and coat fabrics, boiled wool, 6,5 – 20,0 euro
MTT is a company-producer of coat, suit fabrics and boiled wool. Since 1992, M.T.T., has also a summer collection including the typical summer fibers as cotton, linen, viscose etc… The company policy has always taken a particular care about the market requirements and according to this, the collections are presented in occasion of several fairs.

Inwool gersey SRL (Italy) — factory producing knitted fabrics, jersey, jersey (wool composition)

Dragoni (Italy) — shirting fabrics, cottons, lining  — from 5,0 — 9,0 euro

Guasti (Italy) — factory producing boiled wool (Loden), coat, suit fabrics — from 6.0 — 15.0

RIOPELE (Portugal)—  Factory Riopele (Portugal) is the largest factory in Europe for the production of suiting polyviscose.
Has a patent on the production of polyester ceramics. Full production from yarn to fabric.
Minimums of 300 mts to the color production time 4-6 weeks. The average price of 7.5-8 euros. Production of fabrics for uniforms as well.

Fábrica de Tecidos de Vilarinho, Lda (Portugal)— the producer of of shirt fabrics.  Price from 4-6 euro Quality & productive data in real time; Specially equipped laboratory; Optimization of products in all the phases of the productive process; Minimums of 300 mts; 4/6 weeks lead-time;

Tomas Ogilvi (England) — Men’s Suit Fabric-level de luxe (super 100). Always in stock in the UK from 50 meters 13,00-22,00 euro

Dentelles Mery (France) — lace fabric, woven French Chantilly lace. The order of 4 m at various web widths — 3 — 120 euro



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